Weekly Newsletter-July 11, 2023

Weekly Announcements: St. Thomas the Apostle Syro Malabar Forane Catholic Church
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  St. Thomas the Apostle Syro-Malabar Forane Catholic Church

Weekly Announcements,
July 11, 2023

Dear Parishioners,

1. Holy Qurbana 


    5:30 am: Holy Qurbana in Malayalam. 

    7:30 am: Holy Qurbana in Malayalam. Please note, there will be no 8:30 am or 10:30 am Holy Qurbana.


    Tuesday through Thursday: Holy Qurbana at 8:30 am. (Morning Sapra and rosary prior to the Holy Qurbana)

    Thursday:  1-Hour Eucharistic adoration, 9:15 am - 10:15 am.

    Friday: Holy Qurbana at 7:15 am.

    Saturday: Holy Qurbana at 7:30 am.

    Note: Those attending Holy Qurbana are requested to follow CDC guidelines to protect yourselves and others. Please note that the Holy Qurbana Offering Book kept in the church narthex should be used only for writing Holy Qurbana intentions. Please clearly state the intention along with the contact person's name, phone number and what date it is to be offered. Please contact achan for any questions or concerns.

    2. July 2023 Highlights

    • Silvy Cham has served as the CCD Principal for 9 years (3 terms). We extend our heartfelt appreciation for his dedicated service to our community. Silvy will continue to be a part of our CCD team. We are pleased to announce our new team. 
      • Principal - Sr. Maria Thengmthottam
      • Assistant Principal - Joel Kuzhippillil
      • Office Secretary - George Varghese
      • High School Coordinator - Jomol George
      • Middle School Coordinator - Shanty Jojo
      • Elementary School Coordinator - Sherly Shaji
    • Please take a note of the revised Holy Qurbana times for this week on Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Please remember to pray for the success of IPTF. We are honored to serve as the host parish for this year's IPTF. Let us all embrace a welcoming spirit towards all our guests. If you haven't already registered as a volunteer to assist with IPTF, please kindly consider doing so. Your participation would be greatly appreciated.
    • We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who generously contributed their time, talent and money for the success of the St. Thomas Thirunnal. We had 187 families as Presudhanthis for the Thirunnal. Your contributions were truly invaluable and we appreciate your support.
      • Lonappan & Glissy; Silvy Cham; Justin Mathew; Bertie Paul D’Souza; Serin Siby; James Thomas; Jojo Thomas; Anthony Thomas; Kurian & Molly Nellikunnel; George P. Matthew; Jimmy Mathew; Michael Kallarakkal; Praveen Joseph; George Varkey; Chacko & Mercy Joseph; James and Mary Kurishinkal; Honey Thomas; Michael Kuzhippillil; Jose Kuzhippillil; Gigimol Mathew; Shaju and Alphonse; Ginu P. John; Joseph Michael & Kunjumol; Mary Purushothaman; Joseph M. George; Joji Joseph; George and Lissy Chirayil; Anthony & Valsamma Nelluvelil; Joseph & Valsamma Varghese; Molly & Paul D’souza; Joseph K. Paul; Rosamma Basil; Jins Matthew; Charly Angadicheril; Davis Joseph; George Phillip; Joicy Paul; Sebastian John; Anthony George; V. M. Philip; Rose Antony; Jayan Palakkaran; Tigi John; Gladwin Jacob; Deepa David; Baby & Annakutty Kuzhippillil; Mathew Thomas; Jose Abraham; Annamma Paul; Wilson Varghese; Philip Kavalam; George John; Augusthy Varkey; John and Lizy D’Souza; Davis Chukkiriyan; Jabin Shaji; Anu Benny; Kurian Jacob; Mathai Michael; Giji Thomas; Lizamma Manthuruthil; Jojimon Thomas; Ephreme Sunny; James Thomas; Thomas Chukkiriyan; Gigi Jose; Francis Varughese; Varkey Jose; Shaji Neerakkal; Syriac Joseph; Molly and Joshy; Tomy Joseph; Arun Lawrence; Janet Josey; Seenia Mathew; Johnson Churanadu; Kuriakose Chacko; Binoy George; Mary Joseph; Babu Nagamattom; Shalu & Anil; Mathew Mannanal; Teresa Thomas; Lintu Thomas; Jasmine and Sojan; Reeni & Joby Thoppil; Babu Varghese; Jojy Joy; Nisha Bins; Elsy Philip; Tom Joseph; Babu John; Mahesh Vengalil; Lila Angadicheril; Joby Varghese; Bijus Joseph; Shaju Elangimattathil; Shaji Thomas; Sunny Kochuparambil; Thomas Devasia; Jose Kurian; Biju Mavely; Binoy Scaria; Ushas Thomas; Rajeev Antony; Joby Elambasseril; Manju Joseph; Baiju & Sonia Mathew; Mathew Jilson; Scaria Nelluvelil; Kurian & Annie Joseph; Antony & Vincy Chonedan; Vimala Nelluvelil; Abin Jose; Jully John; Bobby Thomas; Pradeep & Shiny Naganoolil; George Thomas; Vinod George; Alphonsa George; Roy Thomas; Jackson Mathew; Shirly Thomas; Jerin James; Emil Sunny Abraham; Tom George; Mathew Onatte; Paul Thomas; Cherian Churanadu; Joseph Maveli; Prakash John; Elizabeth Antony; Jeena Tomson; Mathew Ozhukayil; Bijomon John; Roseyn Smith; George Joseph; Saji Simon; Rajesh Abraham; Thomas Joseph; Mathew Abraham; Kelvin Joy; Charles Cherian; Tony Joseph; Enat Earnest; George Nelluvelil; Thomas P Thomas; Maya James; Mathew Thekkekunnel; Marykutty Joseph; George Parangimalil; Abraham Ozhukayil; Jose Abraham; Biji & Sunil Edward; Joji Mathew; Jince Madamana; Pranav George; Jose John; Elizabeth Joseph; Anurenj & Solly Joseph; Selastian P. Sebastian; Rajan Thomas; Paul & Roshni George; Jaison Alappadan; Jibu George; Christy Joseph; Juliet Mulangan; Austin Sebastine; Joseph Devasiya; Jerin & Sylvia Thenayan; Cyriac Thomas; Varughese George; Thomas G. Varkey; Binish Mathew; Jocelyn George; Kevin Sunny; Joley Kochuputhenpura; Jaise K. George; Jo Paul; Kelly Xavier; Paul Thomas; Siby Jacob; Tony Thomas Pattathil; Tobin Thomas; Tijo Thomas; Vinetha Aison and Raju & Jeeva Kattady.

    • VBS 2023 is scheduled from Monday, July 24th through Thursday, July 27th. VBS is intended for children from Pre-K through 8th grade. The registration fee is $60 per child, please register in the church narthex. Contact Jeevan James (972) 375-8763 and Silvy Cham (201) 679-1585 with any questions.
    • Bible Reading Plan: Two minutes a day with the Gospel will change your life, says Pope Francis. Why? Because you will encounter Jesus. You are encountering the word. Please click the link to read the entire Bible in 100 days/ to read it in 180 days / or to read it in 300 days.

    3. Inter-Parish Talent Fest (IPTF) July 14th - 16th

    • IPTF 2023 Website is now LIVE! See IPTF2023.org for further details.
      • Please see link for the Rules for IPTF 2023.
      • Also, please see the website for an updated Schedule.
    • IPTF 2023 Regional and Talent Scan Updates: Please click the link to view details.
    • Thank you to all the volunteers who signed up to help out for the 3 days. Further details to follow on the WhatsApp group chats. We have volunteers who have signed up for the following teams:
      • Registration Check-in & Information Desk
      • Backstage & Stage coordinators team
      • Event Schedule coordination team
      • Prize Distribution team
      • Crisis Management team
      • MC / Announcement team

    4. Marriage Prep Course 

    • The Family Apostolate in Chicago has decided to do the Marriage Preparation Course (Pre-Cana) in person in 2023. Young adults planning to get married, please register for this course. Our St. Thomas parish is hosting the Pre-Cana in August.
      • Date: August 25 - 27th
      • Place: Mt. Lebanon Retreat and Conference Center
      • Address: 1701 Texas Plume Rd, Cedar Hill, Texas 75104
    • Applicants, please contact: 

    5. Safe Environment 

    Children living with Disabilities and Risk for Child Maltreatment and Victimization. Please click the link to read this week's article.

    6. Additional Church related information

    Mathru Jyothis, Senior Ministry, Prayer Ministry, etc. Please click the link to view additional church information.

    God Bless You
    Fr. James Nirappel

    Church Main Office (972) 240-1100

    Kaikkarans (Trustees):
    Jimmy Mathew (972) 951-7304
    Charly Angadicheril (817) 296-8255
    Tomy Joseph (469) 951-6639
    Jeevan James (972) 375-8763

    Parish Council Secretary & Asst. Secretary:
    Molly Varghese (214) 912-7663
    Janet Josey (Asst. Secretary) (551) 482-5529

    Liturgy Coordinator:
    Jose Paul (972) 589-0434

    Parish Vicar:
    Fr. James Nirappel (443) 414-2250

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