Weekly Newsletter-July 26, 2022

Weekly Announcements: St. Thomas the Apostle Syro Malabar Forane Catholic Church
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  St. Thomas the Apostle Syro-Malabar Forane Catholic Church

Weekly Announcements
July 26, 2022

Dear Parishioners,

1. Holy Qurbana Schedule


8:30 am: Holy Qurbana in Malayalam 

10:30 am: Holy Qurbana in English


Tuesday to Thursday: Holy Qurbana at 8:30 am

Friday: Adoration and St. Jude Novena at 6:00 pm followed by Holy Qurbana at 7:00 pm

Saturday: Holy Qurbana at 8:30 am followed by Novena to Our Mother of Perpetual Help.

Note: Those attending Holy Qurbana are requested to follow CDC guidelines to protect yourselves and others.

2. St. Thomas Perunnal Presudhanthi List:

Thank you for your contributions:

1. George & Rosy Varkey   2. Cyriac & Gladies Thomas   3. Charly & Sheela Angadicheril    4. Roy & Mary Thottam

5. Tony Joseph a& Anu John   6. Rajo & Elsa Palakunnel   7. Vinod & Jomol George    8. Chacko Varghese

9. Mathew & Cicily Abraham   10. Jojo & Shanty Thomas   11. Joby & Reeni Thoppil   12. Siby & Mejabeen Thomas

13. Manoj & Jilly Olickal     14. Paul & Molly D’souza    15. Micheal & Betty Kuzhippally  16. Nidhin Mathews

17. Jose & Thresia Paul    18. James & Laisamma Thomas   19. Kuriakose & Sophy Changankerry   20. Annamma Paul

21. Arun & Jaya Lawrence   22. V.M Philip & Achamma     23. Babu & Leena Varghese   24. Jose Thomas & Leelamma

25. Bobby & Deepa Johnson   26. Silvy & Babitha Cham   27. Abraham & Jais Ozhukayil   28. Raju & Jeeva Kattady

29. Michael &  Mary Kallarackal   30. Davis & Elsamma Joseph  31. Jabin Shaji    32. Jogesh & Sweety Joy

33. Antony & Valsamma Nelluvelil    34. Mary Joseph    35. Thomas Joseph & Maryamma   36. Kurian & Molly Nellikunnel

37. Rajan & AncyThomas   38. John &  Moncy Joseph   39. Vetticalayil Mathew & Thressiamma  40. Joseph & Kunjumol Michael

41. Kurian & Thankam Jacob   42. Tomy & Alice Joseph  43. Mathew & Annie Thomas  44. Jimmy & Mini Mathew

45. Mathai & Jezzy Thomas   46. Cyriac & Lizzamma Xavier   47. Joshy & Molly Varghese  48. Elizabeth & Scaria Joseph

49. Santhosh & Sumi Mani  50. George & Dawnia Nellikunnel    51. Jacob Jose    52. Jacob Joseph & Anupa

53. Thomas & Sophiamma Kurian  54. Bertie & Silu D’souza  55. Jobin Michael & Seenia  56. Davis & Lilly Chukkiriyan

57. George Thomas  58. Augusthy Varkey & Rosily  59. Mathew Thomas & Suni Mathew  60. Mathew Sebastian & Betty

61. Tony Alexander    62. James & Elsy Thomas   63. Rose Antony   64. Sajan & Honey Thomas  65. Roy Thomas

66. James & Mary Kurishinkal     67. Roy & Rani Antony      68. Sabu Augustine & Silgi     69. Theresa Devassy

70. Francis & Lovely Varughese  71. Joji Mathew & Subha   72. Jose Abraham & Jossily   73. Sebastian & Mercy Joseph

74. John & Lissy D’souza    75. Amod & Tisa Augstin    76. Eugin & Mini Abraham  77. Mathew & Enat Earnest

78. Thomas Joseph & Shirly      79. Mathew & Cici Ozhukayil     80. Gigi & Tessy Jose     81. Marykutty Joseph

82. Rajesh Abraham &  Binu Joseph  83. Sunny & Laisa Kochuparambil   84. Thomas & Laisamma Thomas  85. Johnson & Sally Churanadu

86. Joseph & Mercy George   87. Jacob George & Alphonsa George  88. Thomas & Pushpam Chukkiriyan  89. Antony & Archana George

90. Emmanuel & Annakutty Kuzhippillil   91. George &  Beena John  92. Benny John & Annu Benny   93. Jestin & Rigy Mathew

94. Mary Purushothaman   95. George Parangimalil & Rose  96. Mathai Michael  97. Shaji & Mini Thomas  98. Pradeep & Shiney Naganoolil

99. Benny & Beena Paul     100. Joby & Cinemol Varghese   101. Thomas & Lincy Edattukaran  102. Sebastian & Prini John

103. Biju & Juliet Mulangan  104. Frixmon & Suma Michael  105. Mathew & Mary Mannanal    106. Thomas Jose & Mary Joseph

107. Biju & Sheena    108. Jithmon & Joselyn George     109. Gijo Augustine & Gigi Augustine   110. Jaise K George & Neena

111. Giju & Alphy Arancheril    112. Anurenj & Soley Joseph     113. Jobi & Jincy Joseph     114. Jins & Ancy Mathew

115. Jaison & Deepa Alappadan  116. Hanish & Richa John  117. Antony & Vincy Chonedan   118. Thomas Varkey & Suja

119. Jose & Mini Philip       120. Cherian & Mary Churanadu    121. Tom Jose & Nisha     122. Chacko Varghese

123. Sonia Mathew & Baiju    124. Rajesh George & Solly Joseph   125. George Mathew & Mary   126. Bijus & Sheena Vellakel

127. Joel & Remy Kuzhippillil    128. Wilson & Lissy Varghese    129. Biju & Leemol Mavely   130. Alex & Suja Chandy

131. Babu Nakamattathil      132. Antony & Marykutty     133. Mathew Mathai      134. George & Lila Angadicheril

135. Emil Sunny Abraham   136. Antony & Rosily Angadicheril 137. Cyriac P Joseph    138. Joseph & Sudha Plakkattu

139. Sunny & Deepa Kuttickal   140. Jince & Maya James    141. Mahesh Vengalil & Reji    142. Joicy Paul

143. Mercy Kalarickal   144. Bijomon & Jancelin John  145. Jince & Merlin Madamana   146. Rosamma Basil

147. Varughese George & Jaisy  148. Mathew Thekkekunnel Mathai  149. Joseph & Valsamma Varghese 150. Jibu George & Smitha

151. Joseph Joseph & Aga     152. Jojy Joy     153. Tobin Joseph      154. Babu & Mercy John

155. George Joseph & Mini   156. Shiny Sebastian     157. Joseph Nadakkapadam     158. Philip & Jessy Kavalam

159. Joseph & Veena Valiaveedu  160. James & Philomina Mani  161. Liju & Elizabeth Antony  162. Joe & Lillykutty Thekkekara

163. Jacob Joseph & Jolly  164. Annakutty Joseph & Joseph   165. Sibi & Jessy Nampimadam   166. Kurian & Annie Joseph

167. Vinu & Cicy Ouseph  168. Jayan Palakkaran Chacko  169. Gigi Thomas & Bincy  170. Siby & Laly Sebastian

171. Jithu Jose  172. Chinnamma Philip    173. Vinod Davis   174. Tomy & Kunjumol Kalathiveettil    175. Janet Josey

176. Shaji & Sherly Xavier Neerackal   177. Bins & Nisha George    178. Jose & Annie Kuzhippillil   179. Prakash John

180. Shaji Thomas & Alphonse Shaji    181. Jose Kurian and Alphonsa Joseph

3. Our Bishop's Circular

Kindly click the link below to read, our Bishop Mar Jacob Angadiath's circular No 92/2022 .

Bishop's Circular Letter 92/2022

4. Feast of St. Alphonsa on Friday, July 29th

We will be celebrating the feast of St. Alphonsa on Friday evening @7pm If you are interested to be a Presudhanthi for the feast, please contact the trustees as soon as possible. 

5. CCD Registration for 2023

Please register for CCD as soon as possible. The last day to register is July 31st.

Online Registration link (updated): 2023 CCD Registration

Please contact:

Silvy Chamaparampil: (201) 679-1585
Joel Kuzhippillil: (214) 868-9098

6.  🎖Inter Parish Sports Festival (IPSF) 2022 Prize distribution Parish Level

On Sunday, July 31st  @12;00Noon  after the second Holy Qurbana, there will be a prize distribution   for the Parish level IPSF winners.

IPSF is from August 5th - 7th in Austin, Texas.

The IPSF team needs your prayers and also your support. Please join in cooperating during the events.

Important safety updates 

Clarification on underaged youth participation in IPSF events:

Clarifications were requested regarding the travel and accommodations of underage (below 18 years) youth during IPSF. It is the sole responsibility of parents to arrange transportation/travel and stay of all their underaged participants.

During their stay and activities in Austin, all underaged students should have a parental or SE approved adult volunteer supervisor with them. If they don't have their parents' supervision, the parents of the underaged participants should clearly name the SE approved adult supervisor selected for their child and communicate the name of the supervisor to the event coordinators. It is possible that multiple students have one adult supervisor, but the parents should communicate this in writing to the event coordinator. Please ensure the safety of all children during this event.

If you have any questions and/or concerns, please reach out to the IPSF coordinators. Mr. Binish Pampackal @ (972) 799-6855
and Mrs. Tessy Changankerry @ (469) 618-1715.

7.Mathru Jyothis

Our parish's Mathru Jyothis have resumed their activities after a brief pause due to the COVID pandemic. All mothers are encouraged to participate and support this ministry. Please join Mathru Jyothis meeting,next Sunday,July 31 after first Holy Qurbana @10:00 am in Parish Hall.

To help with Mathru Jyothis activities, please contact:

 Lisa Kochuparambil: (214) 336-4340

 Sherly Shaji: (214) 287-2051

 Enat Earnest: (469) 688-0201

 Ancy Mathew: (972) 953-6369

8.  English Retreat for age 14-18 Aug 12-14,2022

Please click link below to see retreat flyer

Retreat flyer

9.Marian Army Junior

All interested youth and kids are encouraged to join the summer Marian consecration which started on July 13th. Please join and be renewed in spirit before the next school year, God bless everyone. For any questions, please contact Nisha Bins @ (215) 275-4985.

Click the link below to join the Marian Army Junior whatsapp group.


10. The Eucharistic Revival

The Eucharistic Revival: The USCCB announced that the years 2022, 2023 and 2024 are designated for this Eucharistic revival in all American Catholic churches. All the faithful are invited to be part of this Eucharistic Revival experience.

Let us all make use of this opportunity to renew our experience in the Eucharistic presence of the Lord.

Please click on the link below to read the details of Pastoral Letter 35, The Eucharistic Revival:

The Eucharistic Revival

11. Safe Environment News: Consequences of Failing to report Child Maltreatment

We never know when we may be called upon to report suspected abuse that could potentially save the life of a child. Whether you are a mandated reporter by your state or organization, we are all ethical and moral reporters. Failing to report suspected abuse have tremendous consequences for not only the child, but also for teachers, principals, school administrators and staff, coaches, volunteers and the clergy—and other children.

Please click the link below to read this week's article :

The Consequences of failing to report child maltreatment

12. Holy Land, Europe & Marian Trip

The following trips will be happening this year.

  • Holy Land Trip, August 20th - 30th
  • Europe Trip, September 11th - 26th
  • Marian Trip, October 2nd - 17th

Those who are interested, please contact Mathew Thomas (Jose) for further details @ (214) 714-0833.

13. Annual Picnic

This year's annual Parish Picnic Day is planned for Saturday, September 10th.

14. Safety concerns

Several parishioners have voiced their safety concerns to achan and the trustees in the wake of increased mass shootings recently in the US. It was decided in the Parish Council meeting to have a safety officer at the front of our church on all Sundays from 8 am to 12 pm. This will continue untill the next General Body meeting. All parishioners are encouraged to enter the church in through the front door, but upon exiting, you may use the front or side doors.

15. "Reading the Bible" plans, make it a Family Reading Plan this Summer

Please make an effort to read the entire Bible. You can choose to read it in 100 days, 180 days or even 300 days. Everyone is encouraged to take up this challenge to read the entire Bible.

Please click the link to follow the relevant Bible reading plans

Read entire Bible in 100 days

Read entire Bible in 180 days

Read entire Bible in 300 days

For any questions, please contact James Perumbillikunnel @ (972) 303-1890 (Home).

16. Adult Bible Study

Adult Bible study classes have resumed after a brief pause due to the COVID pandemic. It is now held every Sunday after the 10:30 am Holy Qurbana in the CCD classroom, which is led by Mr. Mathew (Mathew Sir). Everyone is encouraged to participate.

17. Senior's Ministry

As you all know, our parish's Senior Ministry activities were on hold during the COVID pandemic. The ministry has resumed their activities. Anyone who is 55 years old and above are welcome to join this ministry. 

18. The Sacrament of Marriage

Those who are planning to get married need to contact achan at least 6 months before the marrriage, especially if either party belongs to a non-Catholic Christian Community.

For more details, please email familyapostolate.chicago@gmail.com


Fr. Paul Chalissery - (919) 749-7175
Mr. Jose Prakash - (954) 540-7286

19. Sacrament of Holy Communion and Confession for the home bound

The Sacrament of Holy Communion and Confession are available for those parishioners who would like to receive, but are unable to attend mass due to injury, illness or advanced age. Please put in a written request in the log book kept in the trustee's parish office.

20. House blessings, Baptism & Marriage Information

If you are interested in scheduling a Baptism, Marriage, House blessing or would like to get a certificate/letter, please put in a written request in the log book kept in the trustee's office. Please include the date, time of request, your address and phone number.

21. Access to Church, Parish Hall, CCD rooms & Founder's building

To access/use the church, parish hall, CCD rooms or the Founder's building, please put in a written request in the log book kept in the trustee's office. Please include the date, time of request, your address and phone number.

22. Parking

Please park only in the designated parking areas on the church compound. Do not park in the fire lanes, since it is a parking violation and an inconvenience for others.

23. Include Registration Number to write checks to the church

Please include your church registration number in the check as part of the memo when you write checks to the church. The registration number for your family is available in the October 2021 statement that was sent to you. If you still do not know your registration number, please contact James achan.

24. Church Bookings

For church bookings, non-parishioners will be able to book the church 12 months in advance of their event date based on availability. Parishioners on the other hand will be able to book any time prior to their event based on availability.

25. Address, Phone number, or Email Change

If your address has changed, please contact your ward Representatives/Secretary/Trustees/Parish Vicar via text message or email to change the address in the church database.

If your phone number/email or spouse's phone number/email changes, please provide the new contact information to update the church directory.

Emails: Vicar@syromalabarchurchdallas.org, trustee@syromalabarchurchdallas.org, secretary@syromalabarchurchdallas.org

26. Prayer Ministry

If you have a prayer request, please contact the prayer ministry leaders, Mary and Michael Kallarackal at (201) 563-0727. Everyone is welcome to join the prayer ministry and also to be part of the intercessory prayer sessions. Please contact the prayer ministry leaders if you would like to join the ministry.

God Bless You 
Fr. James Nirappel

Church Main Office (972) 240-1100

Kaikkarans (Trustees):
Jimmy Mathew (972) 951-7304
Charly Angadicheril (817) 296-8255
Tomy Joseph (469) 951-6639
Jeevan James (972) 375-8763

Parish Council Secretary & Asst. Secretary:
Molly Varghese (214) 912-7663
Janet Josey (Asst. Secretary) (551) 482-5529

Liturgy Coordinator:
Jose Paul (972) 589-0434

Parish Vicar:
Fr. James Nirappel (443) 414-2250

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